3 Ways to Transform

Without Leaving your Couch

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • To stop negative mental loops, relieving you from unnecessary anxiety and stress
  • What it is to be in the present- bringing purpose, intent and clarity
  • You don’t have to practice or focus on anything, to be aware of life itself
  • How the past cannot affect, harm, or even burden you, removing trauma and drama from your life
  • How your future is never something to worry about, freeing you of the burdens that may hold you back

IMAGINE LIVING A LIFE without unnecessary stress and anxiety by leaving negative chatter behind you. Or living a life not haunted by past painful memories or, stifled by the vision of your future. Imagine living a life knowing that the present moment is all that you have and all that matters! Without needing to practice or perfect anything,

3 Ways to Transform Without Leaving your Couch

will show you how!

What will it mean when the memories that haunt you no longer have any control over you?


What will it mean when you are truly present? When you are here, in this moment, with nowhere else you want to be?


What will it mean if the vision of your future cannot overwhelm or derail you?


3 Ways to Transform Without Leaving your Couch can be part of your journey to enlightenment. These are powerful lessons that will have an instant and profound impact on your life —changing the ground that is who you think you should be, bringing you closer to your truth…the perfection that is You!

What Clients Say @ Maxx...

"I am a farmer. I had spent thousands of hours meditating, and spent years with a teacher I thought could wake me up, but nothing was doing the trick. I was happy and loving life, and yet I knew I wasn't quite done. Meeting with Maxx was a fluke decision, and one of the best I ever made. Within the first meeting with Maxx he was able to easily see what was in my way. His words allowed me to clearly know what I had always known yet somehow couldn't see. No teacher can wake you up, but the best teachers can guide you to the point where you can see for yourself what has always been true. Maxx is certainly one of the best. If it weren't for Maxx I wouldn't know that I am enlightened. For that I am eternally grateful. Maxx puts words to something that there are no words for."

-Kevin, USA

20 years ago, I had a serious accident that left me permanently paralysed. At the time, my two younger children were just 11 and 13. Just 15 months later my husband died suddenly from a heart attack at just 51. I lost so many things I loved… But I refused to address the emotional or mental issues. I felt if I tried to… I would stop being able to function. When I realised the benefit Max’s brought to his life, I asked him to help me. To my great relief and delight he did. My fears have gone. I’m not saying I do not feel. I get happy, I get angry, but deep within me, there is a calm and peace. Thank you Maxx for Everything.

-Maria, UK

3 Ways to Transform

Without Leaving your Couch

Is a free 45-minute video that will have an instant and profound impact on your life

It does not require any practicing or perfecting.

Your mind will be quieter, no longer stuck in negative memories, or in fear of the future.

You’ll learn the key to unlock yourself from negative mental loops.

It will show you how the present moment is all you ever have.

You will see Enlightenment isn’t what you think it is, and can be known in your lifetime.

My dream is to see the world wake up, and this starts with you, here, now.

To be liberated.

To know your true nature, permanent happiness.

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