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Your Past Has No Power Over You

Enlightenment is Possible

In this short video, you will learn:

  • What it is to be in the present
  • How the past cannot affect, harm, or even burden you
  • How your future is never something to worry about

IMAGINE LIVING A LIFE not haunted by past painful memories or stifled by the vision of your future. Imagine living a life knowing that the present moment is all that you have and all that matters! Without the need to practice or perfect anything, Your Past Has No Power Over You will show you how!

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What will it mean when the memories that haunt you no longer have any control over you?


What will it mean when you are truly present? When you are here, in this moment, with nowhere else you want to be?


What will it mean if the vision of your future cannot overwhelm or derail you?


Your Past Has No Power Over You is the start of your journey to enlightenment. It is a powerful lesson that will have an instant and profound impact on your life —without ever sacrificing your priorities, passions, or purpose in the process.

Hi, I'm Maxx and I'm so glad you're here...

Do friends and family tell you that you are chasing a dream? That happiness doesn’t exist, and you should accept life the way it is? Well that was me, four years ago.

But if I take you back to the beginning, it started after a violent sexual experience at a young age, when I began a quest into life itself. This search carried into everything I did and took me on a path seeking happiness, love, and peace. I was desperate to change how my mind functioned, to stop daydreaming for hours on end and to become the son my parents dreamt of. To be sharp, quick minded and analytical. I wanted to control my emotions and have my mind work for me, not the other way round.

Simply put, I wanted to be different.

So I tried every therapy you could think of, and all I ended up with were more and more diagnoses. Telling me I was broken in different ways, whether it was depression, a form of ADHD, or cognitively slow. Yet I knew that this was wrong, as I had always been gifted with words, exceptional at understanding people and instinctual at knowing the problems that held them back.

Eventually, I realised, if I was going to find true happiness in life, I would have to leave everything I knew behind, all of my comforts, my family, my friends.

And that’s what I did.

I left everything and started a pilgrimage across France, Spain and Portugal, trying the extreme Vipassana (where you stay in silence for almost 2 weeks). I even tried studying for hundreds of hours with gurus and spiritual leaders across Europe and Asia. All my learning on Buddhism, meditation, yoga, simply became a ‘to- do’ list of spiritual tick-boxes.All this time, I desperately hoped to find the trick to permanent happiness. I was determined that Enlightenment would not elude me.

The search ended for me, of all places, as I sat on my bed at home. I FINALLY recognized I was awake. The drop dropped. I knew I was enlightened. And I knew the gift of a good ‘teacher’ is to show you where to place your feet. To help you see the truth of your very nature, which only you can know.

After my search ended in early 2020, life became simpler. I no longer sought love. No longer desperate to experience happiness. The drama in my life evaporated like a rain cloud on a summers’ day. And my life is now endless days of sunshine, bathing in my very nature.

I knew I couldn’t keep this gift a secret. I have always been gifted at helping others see the truth of the stories they tell themselves. So I spent months perfecting my program by transforming my friends, family, and clients lives. I solidified the Words of Magic - Your Final Transformation. And here, I am offering one of the most transformative lessons I teach,

Your Past Has No Power Over You, for FREE.

So, if you have ended up here, it might be that you are ready for the end of your path. And all you need to Transform your life, are a few Words of Magic.

What Clients Say @ Maxx...

-Simon, Thailand

-Toni, USA

"I am a farmer. I had spent thousands of hours meditating, and spent years with a teacher I thought could wake me up, but nothing was doing the trick. I was happy and loving life, and yet I knew I wasn't quite done. Meeting with Maxx was a fluke decision, and one of the best I ever made. Within the first meeting with Maxx he was able to easily see what was in my way. His words allowed me to clearly know what I had always known yet somehow couldn't see. No teacher can wake you up, but the best teachers can guide you to the point where you can see for yourself what has always been true. Maxx is certainly one of the best. If it weren't for Maxx I wouldn't know that I am enlightened. For that I am eternally grateful. Maxx puts words to something that there are no words for."

-Kevin, USA

I started searching down a spiritual path for so many years. I felt so confused and lost in all the different teachers I had. From my first session with Maxx he helped me see for myself. No longer being talked at by teachers, he led me to liberate myself, because he just got me. He knew instantly where I was stuck in my life. And he led me to free myself, once and for all, forever. It’s a priceless gift. Thank you, words simply aren’t sufficient.

-Eliza, UK

Frustration was really a big issue for me. I had the impression that life wasn't good enough and that I was missing something better. After completing Maxx’s Final Transformation, I realised that it wasn't true. It was just a story I used to tell myself again and again.

I feel liberated and free NOW.

-Yassir, France

Your Past Has No Power Over You

Is a free 8-minute video that will have an instant and profound impact on your life

It does not require any practicing or perfecting.

It will relieve you of any memories of the past that may hold you back.

It will show you how the present moment is all you ever have.

It will relieve you from the thoughts or vision of your future that may be overwhelming.

My dream is to see the world wake up, and this starts with you, here, now.

To be liberated.

To know your true nature, permanent happiness.

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